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Hilde Angel Danielsen힐데 앙엘 다니엘센

  • Pentagon Corridors shown at HIDDEN Rookwood Sculptures in Sydney, Australia from 7th September - 7th October 2019

  • 2019.08.08
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Pentagon corridors is about the simplicity as well as complexity of decisions in our everyday life. Where are we going? 

The sculpture consists of five airy corridors of black stained Nordic pinewood doorframes with lacquered oak steps. Totally 60 of them, as in one minute or one hour. Its five entrances lead to a pentagon centre, with sky as ceiling and grass on floor, spin inside and you can choose from five exits. This sculpture is a sister to Broken Circle, my main brick installation shown at KICB 2019

Time, transitions, motion, space, site, change and intangible value are themes that recur often in my work. I create visual art and spatial expressions using metaphors and literal interpretations of the word and its multifarious significance. By utilizing known building elements in new assemblages my work invites reflections on choices in our own lives and the society we live in. Black humour and serious dilemmas are also important driving forces in my practice. 

HIDDEN Rookwood Sculptures is an annual sculpture and art event at Australia´s oldest cemetery and most multicultural heritage site, in the hart of Sydney.