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Brigitte Jurack브리지트 유라크

  • Dig, push, remember - using clay with elderly people including those on the dementia journey

  • 2019.08.09
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Artist Brigitte Jurack will run a workshop aimed at those with little or no experience in working with clay, particularly elderly adults, mobility-impaired people, care workers and those on the dementia journey (including their family/carers). The workshop will focus on digging, pushing and pulling the clay into shape, using a combination of imagination, observation and improvisation. Taking inspiration from 19th century Palissy ware, workshop participants will dig into the clay to shape simple plates, fish, crabs, seafood, snakes, crabs and all manner of leaves.

All ages welcome, but particularly the elderly (60+) and those caring for elderly people along with people with mobility problems

Workshop will last 60 minutes, venue to be announced 

Date" Oct. 3. 2019. and/or Oct 4.2019, time to be announced