Korean International Ceramic Biennale 2019

In 2019, the 10th Korean International Ceramic Biennale opens a new chapter for the development of ceramic art.

The Korean International Ceramic Biennale will be an artistic scene that will lead the future of ceramic art with various networks connected. The 'convergence' through 'connection' will be expanded gradually even after the biennale, creating a paradigm for continuous exchanges.

The KICB welcomes you with a variety of programs at the site of the Icheon World Ceramic Center and On-line Platform, along with representative artists of this era and the world.

We intend to create a place where ceramic artists from Korea and around the world can communicate with professionals and the public. Inside the exhibition hall, you can meet local and foreign artists to see the works, understand the artists with five senses, and experience the moving exhibition created by the unpredictable and colorful variations of ceramic art.

In addition, various events such as exhibitions, talks and performances will be held in this Biennale, not only inside and outside the exhibition hall, but also online. This exhibition will be a venue for connecting ceramic arts from around the world through a digital network as an archive that offers a glimpse into the artistic work of artists at a glance.

  • Date : Sep. 27.(Fri) ~ Nov. 24.(Sun), 2019
  • Venue :
    - Onsite Exhibition : Icheon World Ceramic Center, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
    - Online Exhibition : www.kicb.co.kr
  • Hosted by : Gyeonggi-do Province
  • Organized by : Korea Ceramic Foundation, KICB International Committee

Main Schedule
  • International Competition

    - On-site Exhibition

    Participants : 42
    Sep. 27.(Fri) ~ Nov. 24.(Sun), 2019
    Gallery 1, 2, 3, 4, Icheon World Ceramic Center

    - Online Exhibition

    Participants : 300
    Sep. 27.(Fri), 2019 ~
    KICB Website(www.kicb.co.kr)

  • Invitational Exhibition
    <Torbjøn Kvasbø: Cluster of Vases>

    Participants : Torbjørn Kvasbø
    Sep. 27.(Fri) ~ Nov. 24.(Sun), 2019
    Special Hall, Icheon World Ceramic Center

On-site Events
  • Performance&Talk

    Participants : -

    Sep. 27.(Fri) ~ Oct. 13.(Sun), 2019
    Icheon World Ceramic Center & Ye’s Park(Ceramic Art Village

Global Exchange & Collaboration - Korea·Denmark Crafts Creative Exchange Program
  • Special Lecture

    Speaker : Mette Blum Marcher

    Sep. 28.(Sat) ~ 30.(Mon), 2019
    Icheon, Seoul

  • Mentoring Camp

    Participants : 2 team (Danish artist 2 : Søren Thygesen, Morten Løbner Espersen / Korean artist 2 : Sun KIM, Ah Ryun LEE)

    Sep. 29.(Sun) ~ Oct. 12.(Sat), 2019
    CeraMIX Creativity Residency Studio, Icheon

  • Kor-Den Craft Workshop

    Participants : 1 team (Danish artist 1 : Heidi Hentze / Korean artist 1 : Sun Ae KIM)

    Sep. 29.(Sun) ~ Oct. 12.(Sat), 2019
    CeraMIX Creativity Residency Studio, Icheon & Residency Hall, Cheongju

  • Danish Culture Day

    Participants : Public

Global Exchange & Collaboration - Community Project
  • Residency Program with KICB

    Participants : About 10 artists

    Sep. 25.(Wed) ~ Oct. 14.(Mon), 2019
    Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, Denmark

    Sep. 25.(Wed) ~ Oct. 23.(Wed), 2019
    British Ceramic Biennial, UK

    Sep. 25.(Wed) ~ Oct. 24.(Thu), 2019
    Sundaymorning@ekwc, Netherland

    Sep. 25.(Wed) ~ Oct. 25.(Fri), 2019
    New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan

    1st: Jul. 15.(Mon) ~ Aug. 25.(Sun), 2019
    2nd: Sep ~ Dec, 2019
    Clayarch Gimhae Museum, South Korea

    Sep. 26.(Thu) ~ Oct. 13.(Sun), 2019
    The Shigaraki Ceramic Cutural Park, Japan

  • Speed Dating

    Participants : about 35

    Sep. 27.(Fri) ~ Oct. 13.(Sun), 2019
    Icheon World Ceramic Center

  • Networking Night

    Participants : about 200

    Sep. 28.(Sat), Oct. 5.(Sat), 12.(Sat), 2019
    Traditional Kiln area, Icheon

  • Tour

    - VIP Tour

    Participants : about 20
    Sep. 24.(Fri) ~ Sep. 27.(Sun), 2019
    Galleries & Studios

    - Artist Tour

    Participants : about 30(Open call)
    Sep. 30.(Mon) ~ Oct. 2.(Wed)
    Oct. 6.(Sun) ~ Oct. 8.(Tue)
    Oct. 14.(Mon) ~ Oct. 16.(Wed), 2019
    Icheon & Seoul

Online Platform
  • Online Exhibition

    Participants : Artists, Public

    Sep. 27.(Fri), 2019 ~
    KICB Website(www.kicb.co.kr)

  • Online Talk & Performance

    Participants : Artists, Public

    Sep. 27.(Fri) ~ Nov. 24.(Sun), 2019
    KICB Website(www.kicb.co.kr)

  • Seminar

    Participants : Open Internationally

    Sep. 27.(Fri), 2019 ~

    KICB Website(www.kicb.co.kr)