Past Biennale

The 2nd Biennale 2003

The second biennale was arranged so that visitors could see the diverse world of ceramic art through exhibitions under a different theme at each biennale venue: contemporary ceramic art in Icheon, masterpieces of ceramics from Joseon in Gwangju, and ceramic art and life in Yeoju. Visitors witnessed the exciting diversity of ceramic arts at each of these venues: The passion and energy that comes from the creative minds of contemporary ceramic artists in Icheon; The elegance and charm of traditional ceramics in Gwangju; and The beauty and fragrance of ceramics in everyday life in Yeoju.

  • Duration : Sept. 1.(Mon) ~ Oct. 30.(Thu), 2003
  • Venue : Icheon World Ceramic Center, Gwangju Joseon Royal Kiln Museum, Yeoju World Ceramic Livingware Gallery
  • Theme : Passion for Creativity, Elegance of Tradition, Fragrance of Living
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Exhibition Program
  • Main Exhibition
    • - International Competition 2003
    • - World Contemporary Ceramics
    • - Ceramic House I
    • - Five Hundred Years of Korean Ceramics from the Joseon Dynasty
  • Special Exhibition
    • - World Top 10 Brands
    • - Spanish Ceramics
    • - Guangdong Provincial Museum Collection
    • - Picasso in Clay
    • - Korean Contemporary Ceramics
    • - Toya Land II
Symposium / Workshop
  • - International Ceramic Symposium
  • - Seminar on the Joseon Royal Kiln
  • - International Ceramic Workshop
  • - Gwangju Workshop : Traditional Kiln
  • - Yeoju Workshop: Ceramic Design
Collateral Events
  • - 17st Icheon Ceramics Festival
  • - 15th Yeoju Ceramics Festival
  • - 6th Gwangju Royal Ceramics Festival
  • - 4-F Festival