Winners of KICB International Competition

Special Award of the KICB 2019(Ceramics for Use)

Christina Liu, USA/Taiwan

  • Christina Liu received a B.A. in Business Economics, Minor in French from University of California, Los Angeles, USA in 2012. In 2016 she received a M.A. in Ceramics and Glass, Royal College of Art, London, UK. Before she started at the Royal College of Art, she had plans to attend culinary school in Paris. Most of her interests were based in food, having done some food writing and food photography for her own food blog (www.foodjetaime.com) and Los Angeles Magazine. She also participated in the artist-in-residence program at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in 2015. She has participated in many exhibitions and restaurant collaborations in USA, UK, Taiwan and other places. And she has combined her two passions—ceramics and food.

Christina Liu’s work is rooted in functionality, but it is not limited by it. Although the pieces she creates are vessels for serving food, they are not simply utilitarian plates or bowls. They are intricate objects that invoke a sense of luxury, brought onto the dining table only for extraordinary meals.

Christina Liu is one of the few artists whose entry was in category Use, International Competition, KICB 2019. The table wares, in black and white mat glaze only, simplicity and irregular shaped plates and bowls with textures and colors of the food. The serving wares is not designed by the imaginations of the artists, but based on each dish on the menu of the restaurant. Her artworks were collected not by any museums but by the restaurants of Taiwan, USA and UK. It is a collaboration between the ceramic artist in the studio and chef in the restaurant kitchen.

International Commitee KICB 2019

Guangzhen Zhou
International Academy of Ceramics, Representative of China