Winners of KICB International Competition

Viewer’s Choice Prize of the KICB 2019

Ibrahim Said, Egypt

  • Born in Egypt, Ibrahim Siad has been the Adjunct Faculty of Wheel Throwing and Hand Building in the University of North Carolina at Greensboro from 2014 to present. In 2019, he held a solo exhibition in Claymaker’s Gallery, Durham in North Carolina, and he also participated in the 43rd Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art in Contemporary Craft Show, Philadelphia, USA. His works have been presented at many group exhibitions.

Known for his elegant vases that are included in some prestigious Middle East collections, Ibrahim’s work is inspired by the ancient work of Egyptians- the strong lines and bold shapes- although his signature work embodies a lightness that comes from his silhouettes, small bases, and delicate finials. His carvings are derived from Islamic jug filter designs, which were both functional and aesthetic. The carved area in the neck of the jug filtered out impurities when water was collected in the Nile. Ibrahim wanted to find a way to bring these ancient carvings back to life while somehow maintaining their history.